Where is the Grace Conference?
​Concordia College
45 Cheltenham Street
Highgate SA 5063

The Conference is held in the Chapel, near the corner of Balmoral and Cheltenham Streets.

I’m attending Grace Conference from country SA or interstate; what are the accommodation options?

Here are a few options for low to medium cost accommodation within a short drive (or bus/taxi ride) of the Grace Conference venue in Highgate:

What are my options if I don’t have transport to the conference?
  • For public transport, look for bus routes with stops along Duthy St, or Unley Rd or Fullarton Rd: https://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/
  • Grace Conference is unable to organise lifts for delegates. However, we do suggest that women attending from the same church organise to car pool together. Another option is to post on the Grace Conference facebook page that you need a lift, and there may be another delegate on the Grace Conference facebook page who lives nearby and could give you one.

Where is best to park?
  • There is a small school car park on Winchester St, next to Concordia Chapel. This also includes 2 disability permit carparks. Otherwise, there is onstreet parking. If you arrange to car pool with other women from church, parking will be easier, and you’ll enjoy time together before and after the conference.​

I’ll be arriving early at Grace Conference after a long drive. Where can I get a pre-conference coffee or tea?
For those travelling long distance to join us for the day, we’d like to suggest the following cafes as great spots to pick up an early morning coffee on your way through (or even to go out for coffee afterwards with others from the conference to encourage each other with what you’ve learnt!):
  • Duthy St Deli (31 Duthy St, Unley). Open 7am - 4pm Saturdays
  • Café Paparazzi (Malvern Shopping Centre, 291 Unley Rd, Malvern). Open 7:30am - 8:30pm Saturdays
Ethically sourced, percolated coffee will be provided at morning tea and lunch breaks.

Tea and instant coffee are available in the foyer for those who come before 8:45am. 
(NOTE: Drinks are not allowed in the auditorium, so please finish your drink before taking your seat).

Will I be photographed/filmed?
  • Members of the Grace Conference Media Team will be taking photographs and filming the event. Your image may be used in Grace Conference printed and electronic publications for promotional and educational purposes, and may be made available to the media and other third parties, or published on the internet. If you have concerns about your image being used for these purposes, please contact one of our Team Leaders by going to the "Contact" tab at the top of this page.

Does Grace Conference cater for specific dietary needs?
  • During the conference we will endeavour to cater for any special dietary requirements. These include Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and any food related allergy. These will be provided on a specially marked table located in the foyer of Concordia College. If your dietary requirements are something other than these, please still list them when you register for the conference. While every effort will be made to provide for your dietary needs, please understand that this may not always be possible by the caterer.  Should this occur, one of the members of the Grace Conference team will contact you directly to discuss your needs further.

Does Grace Conference offer any childcare or child-minding areas?
  • At Grace Conference, we do not have childcare facilities or staff. We are, however, happy for mums to bring their infants along and hold/carry/wear them during the sessions. For many whose husbands/dads have agreed to entertain the little one between feeds, while Mum is in sessions, please look at our cafe list above to find a nice spot to relax while you wait. There are also several parks nearby that would be suitable in May if the weather is fine.