At Grace Conference, you will have the opportunity to attend an 80-minute interactive workshop. Around 20 electives are facilitated by women on a wide variety of engaging topics, with a separate workshop stream just for Grace Girls, 13 - 18 year olds.

Whilst you will participate in one workshop, please choose your top 3 preferences when registering for the conference, in the event that your first preference has already been fully booked by registrations already received. 

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Grace Girls Workshops

GG1 - GRACE GIRLS - Dear Teenage Me...
High school can be a really challenging time in life with competing ideas, values and behaviours.  As a thirty-something Auntie with teenage nieces, this workshop has been inspired by what she would want her nieces to know as they travel through High School.  We will explore the things that really matter to keep you strong and stable during your High School years.  Exploring topics such as Identity and Worth in a fun way, will help you grow in confidence in yourself and in your faith. 
This workshop is specifically for high school aged Grace Girls

 ​FACILITATOR: Mandy Krueger
Want to know how to nurture your faith and grow as a Christian? Want to know how to make your faith your own, figuring out what it means to live as a Christian in this world? Come and learn how to run the race with some practical strategies, tips and what not to do! 
This workshop is specifically for high school aged Grace Girls


Grace Workshops

1 - Finding and Feeding on God in the Wilderness: Manna in barren times
Sometimes life can feel relentless. Broken relationships, infertility, isolation, loneliness, sleepless nights, loss and grief, constant and competing demands. It can feel like we are wandering lost, alone, and parched, in a land with little relief and seemingly endless barren plains in sight. What do we do when our emotions or circumstances bring up questions about God and His goodness? In these times, who do we really see God to be, and how can we be found and satisfied when things are dry, long or difficult?
In this workshop, we will look at who God is in the Bible, reflect on idols we can be tempted to look to in the wilderness, and how we can truly find and feed on God in hardship.

FACILITATOR: Anna Scheepers
2 - Social Justice and the Christian
In the Bible, we see that God cares deeply about issues of social justice and calls his people to have mercy on the poor and oppressed. Often it just leaves us guilty and unsure how to respond (or how we might find time)! In this session, we'll have a guilt-free look at how our everyday decisions affect others around the world, and consider a variety of ways we can care for those who can't speak for themselves.
Repeat from 2017
3 - Taking the Gospel to WorK
Work is busy, life is busy, and I am still supposed to take time to tell others about the hope I have? Sometimes the thought of evangelism goes into the too hard basket, or there is not even enough time to think about how to do it differently. Starting from the first conversation to talking about the Bible together, this seminar will work through practical ways to engage with colleagues and friends beginning with where they are. 

FACILITATOR: Cheryl Chapman
4 - The Who, When, Where, How & Why!  What is One-to-One Bible reading
“How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Ps 119:103
You may never have heard of One to One Bible reading, or perhaps you have but are not really sure what it is or even where to start. Or perhaps you’ve heard of this and are keen! Wherever you’re at, this workshop will explore what One to One Bible reading is by looking at the Swedish method of who, when, where, how & why. The aim of this workshop is practical so please bring your Bible and we’ll have opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ with the how.

 ​FACILITATOR: Debbie Severin
5 - Making things great again: from grumbling to thankfulness
Em does not see herself as not someone who has it all together in this regard, but she is ready to chat about what God says about grumbling and thankfulness.  And what we can do to be increasingly thankful followers of Christ because of and despite our circumstances.

6 - Believing God in The Valleys
Sometimes life doesn’t go as expected and we find ourselves disappointed, confused, grieving or just coasting in life. What am I doing here? Is this all there is? I want to do big things for God, but I am stuck in the suburbs. We can’t always be on the mountain tops, the valleys are where life happens. Where are we with God in the everyday things of life? Where does He want us to be?
 This workshop explores ways in which many of us struggle. It will be a time of rediscovering, refocusing and encouragement.
Repeat from 2018

 ​FACILITATOR: Fiona Emery
7 - Persecuted Women In The ChurcH
Hanlie will walk through the particular challenges African women face as a result of their faith by sharing the stories of a few women. This workshop will give you clearer insight on how you can be praying for these women. You will also be invited to write letters of encouragement to women within the persecuted Church during this workshop and find out how you can partner with Open Doors in continuing to support our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

Repeat from 2018

 ​FACILITATOR: Hanlie van Deventer
8 - Bringing the Father’s heart to broken kidS
Again and again in Scripture the Father instructs his people to care for the fatherless, and by doing so to be a representation of his character. And yet in our church culture it’s rare to hear a focus on kids in need. Come and hear a biblical message about God’s heart for the broken kids of Australia, and you’ll also hear some ways that you can step in and join a growing movement of Jesus-followers who are bringing hope to a forgotten generation.

 ​FACILITATOR: Heather Packett
9 - ​Living a Life of Overflowing Joy
How do God’s children lead a life of overflowing joy in spite of trying or troubling circumstances? Katrina will share of the joy she has discovered in the midst of being the mum to a severely disabled son.

 ​FACILITATOR: Katrina Loveday
10 - Parenting with Grace & purpose
In the hustle and bustle of the family years, how do you thrive (and not just survive)? We’ll think about how to model the grace of God as we parent through different stages. We’ll also consider how to set purposeful goals because parenting is a very long-term vocation! This workshop will have both overarching principles and practical ideas, helping you consider how to apply them to your own parenting situation. 

11 - ​Understanding Abuse and Violence against Women in the Old Testament
​In a western context where the #metoo movement has raised women’s voices about experiences of abuse and violence, and as social media newsfeeds are filled with statistics about domestic violence, it is hard now to ignore texts in the Old Testament where there is abuse and violence against women, or at least ignore our own questions about these texts. And for those who have suffered abuse and violence, how do these women reconcile reading in the Scriptures stories and instruction that seem to echo their own experience? This seminar is for those wishing to understand how we can helpfully approach texts in the Old Testament where there are either stories of abuse and violence against women or there are instructions about situations of abuse.

Please note, this is a seminar for women who would like to be equipped to understand these texts and be able to help others understand these texts too. To do this, we will be talking openly about issues of abuse and violence and so this might not be a helpful space for those who have suffered abuse and violence and for whom the pain is still raw or not too far from the surface.

 ​FACILITATOR: Katie Smith
12 - Ministry & Me?
So, you love serving God, you’ve got gifts and skills that’ll build up the church, and you’d love to devote more time to making and maturing disciples… what’s next? It might be time for you to consider the possibility of gospel ministry. This workshop will help you think practically through the decisions, opportunities, and pathways for women exploring ministry.
 ​FACILITATOR: Lauren Hull
13 - Raising Great GirlS
Peer pressure. Eating disorders. Family tensions. Social Media. This workshop will explore ways of raising daughters who know that they are loved and can stand up for themselves and others.
Repeat from 2018
 ​FACILITATOR: Meredith Lockery
14 - Waiting Well: Waiting on The LorD
Waiting is a big part of life - waiting to finish school, waiting to get a job, waiting to meet someone and get married, waiting for kids to come, and waiting for retirement age to finish work and get the superannuation payout. Or waiting for sickness to be over, and waiting for suffering and grief to pass.
Life is all about waiting yet how do we as Christians wait well? What does it mean to wait well and wait on the Lord? What does God want us to do while we are waiting and as Christians what should we be even waiting for? 
The Bible has a lot to say about waiting – and is so counter-cultural, as our western world is all about instant personal gratification. 
In this workshop we will look at people in the Bible who waited well as practical tips of how God wants us to wait well.
Repeat from 2018
 ​FACILITATOR: Naomi Beames
15 - Preparing to Go, Willing to StaY
​Is there still a need for ‘missionaries’? What about the personal costs of leaving friends and family? How about the kids? What if I want to go but the door seems closed?
In this workshop we’ll be looking at the Biblical foundation of mission, the costs, the rich promises of God and the need to keep our eyes fixed on God whether we go or stay. 

 ​FACILITATOR: Sally Oster
16 - Single-mindeD
In our sex-soaked culture, it's more important than ever that we get our thinking right on Christian singleness. In this seminar we'll look at how the Bible understands singleness, as well as some of the difficulties and opportunities of the single life. We will also consider how single and married people can best love and serve each other within the community of the church. So whether you're single or married, this seminar has something for you!

 ​FACILITATOR: Suzie Smith
18 - Loving and Caring for those you know who idenditfy as LGBTQ
How do you respond when a member of your family or a close friend shares with you that they are lesbian or gay or Bisexual or transgender or Queer? How can our church communities be safe places for people who identify as LGBTQ? How do we walk the tightrope of truth and love as we love and care for all Gods people and reach out to those who don’t know Him?
These big questions need to be asked as we move forward in a culture that sees Christianity at best as irrelevant and at worst as evil and bigoted.

Repeat from 2018

 ​FACILITATOR: Robyn Watson
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